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The Prop Stop Booth

The Prop Stop Photo Booth( Now serving all of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas! )

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  • Apr 17 / 2013
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Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept all credit cards and Paypal.

What is needed to reserve the photo booth?

A $100 deposit. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the event. If the event is within 30 days the full payment is due upon booking

How far do you travel?

A). We do not normally charge for travel. However, if it is more than 25 miles outside our regional office then we charge $.50 cents per mile for every mile over the first 25 miles each way. We have done booths in Richmond VA, Wilmington Delaware, Northern PA, and even New Jersey so don’t be afraid to ask!

Can you accommodate outdoors events?

Sure can as long as there’s an available power source within 50’. Sometimes if the booth is completely uncovered we forgo the backdrop because it tends to blow up like a parachute. In this case we will use your awesome venue background as the backdrop for your photos!

How far in advance to we have to book?

We recommend booking it as soon as possible to ensure you reserve your date because our schedule fills up quickly. However, we never like saying no, so if we can make it happen for you we will.

How many people can fit into your Booth?

Approximately 20 People can fit into one photo. Whats even better is that they ALL get a copy if they want one!!

Are the photos in color or black and white?

Both, your guests can hit the black and white or color button.

How big is your open air photobooth booth?

The booth can easily fit in a 7′ x 5′ area and we’ll need a couple extra feet for our box of props and a table to create your wedding album.

Can you set up 2 hours before anyone will even be using the booth?

Yes, we can setup the booth ahead of time. This is considered Ideal Time and the charge for Ideal time is $50.00 an hour. With a signed contract we build in a setup time for 1 hour. As a result, you would only be charge for 1 hour of Ideal time.

Is the booth easy to use?

Its as easy as pressing a button… literally. The front of the booth has a button for color and black & white. Press the button. Pose pose pose and 10 seconds later a print pops out! Our attendant extraordinaire will also help assist your guests should any questions arise.

Do you have liability Insurance?

Of course! We’re covered and happy to present a certificate to your venue if needed.